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Links to previous reports, beginning with 2008, are also on the above Page.

Report from Dewayne and Rita Shappley

April, 2013

A hand holding a cellular phone with a globe of Earth on the screen, over a computer keyboard, against a background of sky, clouds and sun, illustrates the Report by Dewayne and Rita Shappley, for April, 2013, on their evangelistic work for the Lord and His church.

“Sent from my Windows phone” is the message after the name of Andrea Laura Fernández, of Esquel, Chubut, Argentina, a picturesque city in the Andes, on the western border of Argentina with Chile. Use phones with the necessary features and connections to access and read materials on the site! Use the phone to send us an e-mail. From thousands of miles of way, in Esquel, Argentina. Almost instant communication. That is our digital world. Our firm commitment is to use this fantastic technology to help people who are seeking to know God and walk more closely with Him. During April, 2013, the daily average of visitors to our site was 4,410, for a total of 133,301 for the month.

Conversions in Banes, Holguín, Cuba through one of our tracts

-Banes, Holguín, Cuba 82300. Ave. de Cárdenas 309-B, entre Marti y Carlos M. Céspedes. Letter dated Feb. 04, 2013. “My name is Aurora Esther López, and I am happy to have found the church of Christ, since for a long time I had been praying I might find those who worship in spirit and in truth. My brethren in Holguín gave me ‘In Search of the True Church,’ and it has been a cause of much joy for me as well as for other brethren who, like me, were not in agreement with the denominations.

-“In Search of the True Church” –in Spanish, “En busca de la iglesia verdadera”- is a little booklet-type tract we began printing many years ago. It has been one of our most effective publications. Though the last edition was printed quite a number of years ago, copies are still in circulation and producing fruits, as can be seen by this letter from Aurora López. According to the wording of Aurora’s letter, several were converted in Banes through that one copy. Hopefully, we will be able to send this new sister in Christ some CD’s of sermons and hymns.


Hernán Mercado Trocha, in Cartagena, Colombia, desires to be baptized.

-Cartagena, Indias, Colombia. April 02, 2013. “Very good articles and studies. What do I do to be baptized and receive Christ?”Hernán. [This man was on the Page of the sermon “The Weapons of Light –Las armas de la luz” when he wrote the e-mail. Referer: "". His e-mail was received about 10:00 p.m. and I saw it 27 minutes later, answering immediately.]


-Second e-mail from Hernán. April 08, 2013. “Of a truth, it is gratifying that you have responded. Editoriallapaz has become my principal Web Page for help in the study of the Bible. Glory and peace in Christ.” Hernán Mercado Trocha

-Though I have had a little more communication with Hernán, he has yet to say he was baptized. There are at least three churches of Christ in Cartagena.


Teacher uses document on our site to teach Tenth Grade class about the Inquisition.

-Place not identified. April 05, 2013. “It is of interest that students and other people in general know the reality of how life was in those times of what is called the Holy Inquisition. I am going to assign my tenth grade students the task of investigating this material, for the subject we are going to be studying is the religious Reformation, or Protestant Reformation. I was shaken by the graphics, but that is history. And I hope I do not get into trouble with the head of the school since she professes the Catholic religion, but that did happen and I should make it known.” Silvia Acosta

-Reference is to the section on methods of torture used by the Catholic hierarchy for hundreds of years in its persecution of “heretics.” Information, with numerous shocking graphics, in the commentary on Revelation, Chapter Eight, “The Great Whore… Great City”, and also in a PowerPoint presentation Silvia Acosta saw. Referer: "". Interestingly, the Chapter Eight, Act 7, Scene 5 document on “Torture” is always among the ones at the very top of the list showing “Documents most requested by visitors.” Fast forwarding to e-mails for August, a Catholic who presents himself as a bona fide historian was highly critical of our material on the Inquisition. Among his “enlightening” statements were three I especially remember: that the devices used to torture were inventions of the Protestants, that the Inquisition was created to protect the accused from evil people and that the Inquisition prisons were the most humane in the world! I put his e-mail, with my reply, on the Internet site.

Andrea, in Esquel, Argentina, desires to be baptized.

-Esquel, Chubut, Argentina. April 07, 2013. “Hello. My name is Andrea. I live in Esquel, in the province of Chubut, Argentina. I am 33 years old. For about eight years, I have been living with a man by the name of Diego. I have not yet married, though I have the fullest intention of doing so, for I understand I am living in sin. I am the mother of a five year old girl, Camila, and I am six months pregnant with a boy who will be named Benjamín, if God so wills. For a very long time I have been reading the Web Page of Editorial La Paz, on sound doctrine, and I have learned many things and reinforced others I had already known. I want to consult you about the following: My desire is to be baptized as God commands. I was born in an evangelical family, as might be said, of the Pentecostal kind. Then, during my life as a middle school student I attended a school run by nuns, and due to those circumstances had to be baptized in a Catholic Church. That was when I was 12 years old. Naturally, I knew very little about what I was doing. Today, I know enough to want to follow Jesus Christ and do the will of God the Father, beginning by being baptized for the forgiveness of sins. I am not going to any church. Here, where I live, there are Pentecostal, Catholic and evangelical churches, but none that I know are just Christian. All of them teach the tithe and use instruments of music to praise God. I feel I am at fault by not complying with the command to meet with the brethren. What can I do? Where should I meet and be baptized? I will be awaiting your prompt reply. Many thanks. May the peace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” Andrea Laura Fernández. Sent from my Windows Phone.

-When I saw that Andrea lives in the province of Chubut, I immediately thought of the church begun in Villa Gesell, Chubut, when two pastors and their wives, having studied sound doctrine on our site, were baptized and began a new congregation. This was accomplished through the excellent follow-up work of Daniel Jaramillo, an evangelist from Colombia working at that time in Argentina, about three or four years ago. At last report, the Villa Gesell church had thirteen members. But, when I verified that this congregation is the only one in the whole, large province of Chubut, and that, while Chubut is on the Atlantic coast, Esquel is on the opposite side, in the Andes, three or four hundred miles away, follow-up on Andrea began to look complicated. I did put the parties in contact, and also forwarded Andrea’s e-mail to Bro. Daniel Hugo Fuentes, in Córdoba, Argentina, but know of no further developments in this case. In my reply to Andrea, I observed that marrying the man with whom she is living would be a prerequisite to baptism.

-Pachuca. April 07, 2013. “God bless you, brethren. Thanks to your ministry through digital media, a young person learned the doctrine and sought us out. Many thanks on behalf of the church of Christ in Pachuca. And where are you located?” Gustavo Mejía

-México. April 08, 2013. “I put the cassettes you sent me many years ago –‘The Church of the Bible –La iglesia bíblica’- and ‘Religious Sects –Las sectas religiosas’- on mp3. I want to ask your authorization to upload them to IVOOX and share them with all my Facebook contacts. Thanking you beforehand for your answer, you fellow servant in the Kingdom, Jaime Hernández.” [Needless to say, we granted this request.]

-Barinas, Venezuela, April 09, 2013. “May God greatly bless you. Greetings from Barinas, Venezuela. Thanks for coming into our homes from far away. Studying the Scriptures makes me feel joyful.” Zuly Guvaira

-Venezuela. April 10, 2013. “Hello. Good afternoon. May God bless you. I came upon your Web Page while searching the Internet due to a confusion I have had with regard to the Old Testament and the New Testament, and what I have read, with the respective Bible texts, as it should be, well, I have understood many things, and I would be delighted to learn more to share them as Jesus Christ desires. I attend a church of Christian evangelicals called MIRES –International Ministry Dew of the Holy Spirit- in Venezuela. I was baptized in water in this church. But, because of what I have read, I would like to attend a church of Christ, the one of the New Testament. But, I do not know if there are any here. I am trying to find out. Equally, I would like to receive information from you, whatever is necessary to learn more about the true church of Jesus Christ. Many thanks. God bless you.” Jesús Berrío

We pointed Mr. Berrío to lists of studies and articles on our site having to do with the church and the plan of salvation, as well as to the list of congregations in Venezuela. There are a few dozen congregations in that country. Particularly, we put Mr. Berrío en contact with Bro. Benito Olguín, en El Tigre, a brother very willing to do follow-up and capable at the task.

-Place not identified. April 11, 2013. Many thanks for the content of this great material. I thank you very much for all you publish, for it is enriching me very much. Thanks for all. Blessings.” Ángel Manzano

-Xalapa, Veracruz, México. April 11, 2013. “Hello. I have read some of the articles on your Web Page which, by chance, I found, and have been struck by the conscientious way you explain the Word of God. I am from Xalapa, Veracruz, México. I would like to know to what line [of doctrine] you belong. Or, if there is some place I can attend where I live.” Alejandro Aburto Oliveres [We sent Alejandro data on some congregations in the state of Veracruz.]

-Place not identified. April 12, 2013. “This is an excellent work, for it helped me to evaluate my condition and attitudes as a Christian, and to then make changes. Sometimes, there are situations that do not please me, but I have learned I must pray, and be silent before situations only God can change in the Christian man or woman. Thanks, Lord, for the person who wrote this, opening up [ways] to become a better person.Elkys Duarte [The Referer shows Elkys had read “Alert Sentinels Who Watch Out for the Unity of the Faith and the Church,” one of the subjects in the series “The Unity of the Chruch.” Referer: ""]

-Place unknown. April 19, 2013. “It was really a blessing to me.”Mabel Echalar [The Referer shows Mabel had reference to a series of studies about “Building on the Foundation,” as taught by Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:5-15. Referer: ""]

-Place not identified. April 25, 2013. “The doubt I had for so many years, you helped me very much [to resolve it]. Now I understand the truth always arrives, and even more quickly if there is a hunger to learn sound doctrine. May God be with you to the end of your days.” Juanita [This person was on the Page “The Origen and History of Pentecostalism” when she wrote. Referer:]

Carlos Poceiro, of Arroyito, Argentina, offers to put material on Internet radio.

-Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina. April 27, 2013. CONGRATULATIONS. Excellent, and I encourage you to spread and publish these studies. I am very concerned for the faithful who are being manipulated psychologically and spoiled of their possessions by those who take advantage of the lack of knowledge of novices. I have a Christian radio station in Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina and if you have these studies in mp3 audio, and wish to send them to me, they will be broadcast. From now, many thanks, and blessings for all the team.” Carlos Poceiro. Referer: ""

-Reference is to the studies on tithes and making merchandise of the gospel. We do not yet have this material on CD, but perhaps can accomplish that soon, with the help of certain brethren of the Bayamón church. This e-mail from Carlos was forwarded to Daniel Hugo Fuentes, in the city of Córdoba, capital of the province of Córdoba, and the two are now in contact with each other.

-Place not identified. April 29, 2013. “Blessings. All of this material is precious. It is a blessing to me and my friends, who have liked it. May God continue to give you much wisdom, and may you continue to help us with this beautiful material. I would like to have something on internal healing and to help marriages struggling to be restored. Thanks.” Xinia Rodríguez Campos

-There is already a considerable amount of material on the site having to do with marriage, the home, raising children, etc., and some dealing with emotional and mental health. We hope to add more. Xinia was on the Page of a sermon entitled, in Spanish, “Borrón y cuenta nueva.” That is a popular Spanish saying which I will translate as “Erase everything and start anew!” There are eighty-five sermons on, most with complete text, a few in audio and one in video. Referer: "".

-Colombia. April 29, 2013. “God bless Brother Shappley de Álamo. Very thankful for your studies. They have been useful and very important to me. I find much spiritual strength in them, on subjects so important such as apostasy, the denominations and their errors, tithes, in short, a world of great things you find in the Word of God. May God continue to bless you. Your brother in Christ, Alberto López Torres.” [As I responded in part to Alberto, I do indeed also find in the Word of God “a world of great things,”a world I explore, with ever increasing wonder, for my own edification, and if the fruits of my studies turn out to be edifying also to others, then to God be the glory!]


Internet Stats

April, 2013 (30 days)

-Total visits...................................................................................................................... 133,301

-Daily average of visits...................................................................................................... 4,410

-Page views.................................................................................................................... 226,748

Totals for the year 2013

-Total visits...................................................................................................................... 502,538

-Page views.................................................................................................................... 877,004

Grand Totals April 30, 2013

-Grand Total of visits................................................................................................ 10,574,681

-Grand Total of Page Views (documents accessed by visitors)....................... 21,532,091


Complete Stats on materials produced by the Shappley’s and Fruits registered

Links to previous reports, beginning with 2008, are also on the above Page.


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