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Gender Dysforia en Chrildren

Gender Dysphoria in Children. Summary points of the complete Declaration on this subject. (The complete Declaration is the equivalent of about twenty, letter-size pages; the Summary, about four pages.) Seventeen principal points. Primary author: Michelle Cretella, MD. Of the American College of Pediatricians. Latest edition: June, 2017. Definition of Gender Dysphoria (GD). Supposed differences in the brains of transgender people. Resolution of GD during puberty. Studies of identical transgender twins. Debate among doctors, therapists, and academics about rushing to affirm that children and adolescents are transgender. Sex of human beings: an objective biological binary. No such thing as a third sex. Gender awareness: when developed. Use of transsexual hormones and its consequences. Surgery to change sex and its consequences. The rate of suicide among transgenders. Conditioning children to believe the absurdity that one can be born in the wrong body. Questions of ethics with regard to irreversible procedures.


SPANISH VERSION of Gender Dysphoria in Children

VERSIÓN en ESPAÑOL de este tema: Disforia de género en niños


Generation Me

Our culture is experiencing a hostile takeover. We must stop rejecting God if we ever want it to end. Article by Sam Sorbo that analyzes succinctly today’s all-out war by peoples who hate God and Christianity to overthrow the Judeo-Christian ethic, eliminate God and suppress all religion, substituting for them Darwinian evolution, the You Only Live Once dictum, integral intolerance against conservatives, the elevation of feelings above truth; position, power and auto gratification above the correct, decent, right, etc. Reasons and concerns that motivated Kevin and Sam Sorbo to produce the film Let there be LIGHT for those who are in darkness.

Gentiles. Times of the gentiles in prophecy and fullfilment.

SIGNS taking place today in JEWS and GENTILES. ARTICLE. Are you aware of them? Are you a part of them? Do you not care? To IGNORE them is to risk future DANGERS! The potent sign in 1967 having to do with Jerusalem’s being trodden underfoot by the Gentiles until their times should come to an end. The liberation of Jerusalem from Gentile rule in 1967 is among the most important signs of all times. The event was publicly foretold by a Jew 1,934 years before its astonishing unfolding. God’s undying love for the Jews and how he has protected them from complete extermination foretold by a Jew of the first century. The fantastic vision given to another Jew about a multitude of Jews being rescued and glorified during the days previous to the end of the world and time. Gentiles. A mixture of sensual signs, libertine and rebellious, seen in masses of present-day Gentiles. Concisely identified. The omnipresent Sign of Mammon, mostly invisible to the very religious people who are responsible for its existence, though it is seen even by the worldly. Present, like a bird of evil omen, wherever the very false Prosperity Gospel is preached, tithes are collected, religious objects are sold, etc. The robust Sign of the False Prophet.

SIGNS Taking Place Today in Jews and Gentiles. PDF


SIGNS Taking Place Today in Jews and Gentiles. JPEG


This subject in SPANISH. ARTICLE. PDF and JPEG formats also available in Spanish.

God is in control

Terrifying Mass Murder in Las Vegas. “Pure evil?” But, “God is in control!” Is that so? Then, why did he not take action to avoid the killing of 58 people and the wounding of 527? Among 22,000 spectators at a musical show in Las Vegas, scenes of blood, screams of pain and horror, of hundreds of dead and wounded, of desperately running this way and that to escape from the bullets, or of valiantly remaining on the site to help victims. Minds without God: Stephen Paddock, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot. Why does not God annihilate such evil ones before they act? Various reasons identified and analyzed. God has absolute control over his plan for humanity and the material universe. That plan includes ceding Satan and his agents on earth certain powers and allowing him to exercise them for specific purposes and limited times. Why? The suffering and premature death of innocents. Is God near people who vehemently reject him? Present on battle fields and places like Las Vegas? In the casinos of Las Vegas? How to have God not only near but also within. Secure and saved eternally! How to assure such an outcome.

God is Love. Love is of God. God defines love.

Can you tell me what love is? Truly, I want to know. Youth, Roman Catholic priests, Pentecostals and evolutionists give unsatisfactory answers. The author presents his credentials. Then, offers what he trusts will be a reasonable, consistent and encompassing answer, though not exhaustive. Bad loves. Good loves. Who to love. What to love. How to love with all your strength. Positive actions define love. So do attributes. What love sustains beyond the death of the physical body? What love never ends? How does your love compare?

What are the healthy, good kinds of love? Would you have the necessary credentials to identify and define them correctly? The God of love identifies and defines at least twelve healthy, pure types of love. These are presented, with relevant Bible texts. What it means to love “with all your strength.” Positive actions define healthy, pure love. Also, attributes assigned to love by the God of love. Four beautiful abstracts illustrate this article.




Alphabetical Index of Subjects

Studies in the Bible and related subjects. Articles, tracts and Bible class guides. Slides for PowerPoint. PDF's. On this site.

World directory of churches of Christ

Churches of Christ in the United States  Much material on many, many Bible subjects. Special emphasis on the defense of the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.



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