Did you know…?  

Do you understand…?


This picture of a serious, intelligent looking owl illustrates the subject Did you know... Do you understand?, in editoriallapaz, events, facts and truths not commonly known by most people.

Two JPEG images of this subject in its format to print
as a two-fold, six page tract


Copy to PowerPoint, project directly or use to print.








Did you know… Do you understand? PDF

Did you know… Do you understand? ARTICLE


Bible studies in PowerPoint for youth and adults. Tracts in PDF and JPEG: Print your own or order.

The SIGN of the SEVENTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST. Astonishing SIGN for modern times!

SIGNS Taking Place Today in Jews and Gentiles. ARTICLE

Churches of Christ in the United States   www. www.21stcc.com/ccusa/



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