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World directory of churches of Christ

Churches of Christ in the United States  Much material on many, many Bible subjects. Special emphasis on the defense of the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.

Studies in the Bible and related subjects. Articles, tracts and Bible class guides. Slides for PowerPoint. PDF's. On this site.



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The surreal painting of a solitary tree with straited bluish-green heavens above illustrates Index F of subjects in Peace Publishers.


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Faith. Protective Crystal Sphere of an Incorruptible Faith. Ten slides of multiple graphics and texts.

Children of Light, Let Us Keep the Darkness at Bay! Analysis of Ephesians 5:1-14. Ten slides prepared in PowerPoint. Standard size slides (4:3). For a sermon, conference or classes. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the divine Word are all light. Born of them, true Christians are children of light. Made up of them, the church true to the Lord is also to be light in the darkness of incredulity and immorality in the world. The church represented as a fantastic Spiritual Space Ship of Light. Its occupants to take care their Ship does not slip from its orbit in celestial places, falling into darkness. Shameful things of darkness not even to be mentioned among the children of light. These things identified as fornication, uncleanness, filthiness, covetousness, course jesting and foolish talking. These things defined. Shameful to speak of them, but multitudes do, even with shameless pride. Because of such things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Preachers, teachers and all Christians to surround themselves with the Protective Crystal Sphere of an Incorruptible Faith as they move among the children of disobedience with the purpose of lighting up minds and souls filled with darkness. Messages from the Owners of the Spiritual Space Ship for those in darkness. Transported from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of light. All these teachings illustrated with impressive graphics.


Falcon Heavy

Flight of the Falcon Heavy; Flight of the Soul-Spirit. An analogy. Part 1. Subject: Of weights, noises and cargos. Adaptable for classes, conferences or messages. Substantial text with a number of points and applications. A JPEG image (slide) is included, with the sequence of graphics and texts. The weight of the Falcon at the moment of liftoff. The weight of the Soul-Spirit when it lifts off from the physical body. Sounds heard at both liftoffs, or associated with them. Cargo of the Falcon. Cargo of the pure Soul-Spirit. Cargo of the impure Soul-Spirit. Relevant Bible texts cited.


Much fear in the face of bad thoughts. What to do? The dilemma of a woman already baptized. Facing low flying, menacing storm clouds: A photograph from which important lessons are drawn for the control of bad thoughts. The purpose and function of the peace of God which passes all understanding: to keep the heart and mind. Eight beautiful, powerful words which cover the things we should think about. Fear cannot long stand before them. Severity to the body is not the solution. Strong willpower is a vital part of it. Why being baptized does not mean the end of all bad thoughts. Finding the ways of escape God provides for temptations and trials. Taking every thought captive to obey Christ is one of them.

SPANISH VERSION of this article


Benefits of Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes and Similar Phenomena of Nature. Benefits? What “benefits?” Rather, terrible losses! Nevertheless, one or another benefit. They educate regarding where not to build dwelling places, urbanizations, businesses, factories, etc. About materials and techniques to be used to avoid so much loss of material resources and lives. Lessons for the poor of the world. Warnings and lessons for impresarios greedy for excessive gain. “Nature” and “Common Sense” are very effective, sensible teachers. Prudent men and women build on a rock-solid foundation; the foolish, on sand or earth, without a foundation. Benefits and punishments without respect of persons. Hurricane Harvey: Punishment on Texas and Houston for the elections of 2016? Or on Houston for having an aggressive lesbian mayor for years? Punishments and lessons for the good and the bad. After the blows of destructive natural phenomena… many blessings! Many lessons! After times of wrong-living… sickness… death… possibilities for great blessings! Fleeing from hurricanes. Fleeing from temptations. Cursing destructive natural phenomena or learning from them? They lead to a fork in the road of life, with three options requiring a supremely important decision. Different faces of nature’s destructive monsters. Prepare in time and for the worst! A new World free of destructive forces!

Fullness of the Gentiles

JEWS TODAY Missing out? Seeing present-day signs for which they themselves are responsible, but missing their meaning and significance. Jerusalem freed from Gentile rule, June 5-10, 1967. A sign for Jews and Gentiles. “Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” Jesus prophecy fulfilled. His credentials as Prophet validated. Jews today should see it. Jews today who have given up on God and a Messiah. Jews who have not given up but are blinded by the offensive crucifix. Roman Catholicism is not the religion of the prophet of Nazareth. Testimony of Hans Küng, Roman Catholic historian. Persecutions of Jews by Catholics. Jews today honor-bound to search pass apostate Christianity for the true Jesus and his spiritual kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have been convinced Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, including many, many rulers and priests. God’s providential protection of the Jewish people. Their astonishing history of survival. Why? Reasons given. The “fulness of the Gentiles” has come in. Another sign before our eyes. Gentiles turning away from God in vast numbers. Neither Jews nor Gentiles should miss these signs. Time, now, to ACT! Or forever miss out on the blessings promised.




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Studies in the Bible and related subjects. Articles, tracts and Bible class guides. Slides for PowerPoint. PDF's. On this site.

World directory of churches of Christ

Churches of Christ in the United States  Much material on many, many Bible subjects. Special emphasis on the defense of the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.



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