-This Webb site is a Spanish work of churches of Christ. All materials are in Spanish, with the exception of
those listed in the following "Index". As of May, 2011, the equivalent of about 4,500 letter-size pages of
material are available on the site. The daily average of visits to the site during the first five months of 2011 
exceeds 4,950. See information in the "Index" for exact statistics.

-Index of messages and data in English.

-Churches of Christ in Puerto Rico

-Format of this Webb Version: Three sets of two pages. To read, after beginning on the left and
  coming to the first blank space, go to the top of the first right column, then to the second left column after
  the blank space, then to the second right column, third left column and third right column.

-Format of printed version : Six-page, two fold, letter size sheet. Composed in CorelDraw 8.0.

-This message is available in Spanish on this Web site , and also as a tract in Spanish.   Spanish version.

-May 25, 2011. The original of this tract in Spanish has been revised and improved since the
translation to English, as follows, of an older version in Spanish.


"This Way to Heaven!"



-INDEX of messages and data in English.

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