Past, present and future


Fulfilled, being fulfilled, to be fulfilled


An ancient scroll held by a hand before an arch of fire against a background of undefined shapes, lines and colors make up this intriguing abstract selected to illustrate the list of subjects in the category of Bible Prophecies, Past, Present and Future, Fulfilled, Being Fulfilled or To Be Fulfilled, in









Prophetical Lights 1

Jesus’ Prophecy of the Destruction
of Jerusalem and the Temple



Not one stone left on another. Jesus' prophecy fulfilled. Prophetical Lights 2.
Text, with graphics.


19:28 minutes


Prophetical Lights

The Dilemmas of Mind, Heart and Spirit…



…of Mr. John Puzzle

An analogy highlighting the importance of authentic prophecies

In the head, a circular grill of interconnected, hardened steel
that obstructs the entrance of essential knowledge.




Going out into the FUTURE to the LAST DAY of TIME.

Looking back at planet Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries.


This composite image of planet Earth against a background of space with four people standing on a platform at a distance in front of it and flanked on the left by the Seventh Angel and on the right a large clock illustrates the subject the Last Day of Time.



Going out into the FUTURE and looking back at planet Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Composite image, followed by a text highlighting the benefits of transporting oneself, mentally and spiritually, to places and times of the past and the future.

The author says: “I invite you to accompany me to an observation platform set up for us on the LAST DAY of TIME, with the purpose of identifying and analyzing Events and currents in the Earth of the 20th and 21st centuries.”

The significance of the Seventh Angel near the platform, with his Seventh Trumpet.

A fictitious scenario or future reality?

Regarding prophetical projections: “Be careful, beloved friend, to not ridicule and reject prematurely, before obtaining the knowledge necessary for sound, wise judgements!”

Of times and periods.

How much time transpires between where we are in the 21st century and the very Last Day of Time? Can human beings lengthen or shorten it? The factors of mind set, attitudes and actions; rebellious incredulity or informed, positive convictions.


SPANISH VERSION of The Last Day of Time. El último día del tiempo.




SMOKE from the SHAFT
comes out of not a few universities,
their faculties and student bodies


A photograph of professor Carol Christine Fair, of Georgetown Univeristy, author of an E-mail calling for the miserable death of Bret Kavanaugh, certain senators and others she classifies as seriel rapists and their defenders, for an article on Smoke from the Shaft of the bottomless Pit, published in editoriallapaz.


August, September and October of 2018


In this image (slide), texts and graphics convey the essential data identifying the Smoke of the Shaft of the Bottomless Pit that comes out of not a few universities, their faculty and student bodies. Professor Carol Christine Fair and Georgetown University exemplify the types of universities and teachers who serve as conduits for this soporific, withering Smoke from the Abyss.


Standing at the END of TIME. Looking back at happenings on Earth in centuries XX and XXI.

SMOKE from the SHAFT of the Bottomless PIT coming out of not a few universities,
their faculties and student bodies.

Example: Professor Carol Christine Fair, of Georgetown University (Catholic)

Her hair-raising E-mail of Oct. 1, 2018.

Poisonous elements in the heavy smoke coming from her.

Gender prejudices. Racism. Unfounded, cruel accusations. Merciless character assassination. Presumptions of guilt without credible evidence. Judgments without due process. Mind inflamed by crazed emotions, bereft of logic. Macabre visualizations. Violent desires for VENGEANCE and MISERABLE DEATH. Sexual desecration of cadavers. Language and actions like those of the evil inquisitors of the Dark Ages.



The First Beast of Revelation 13


Chapter Six of

 Analysis of the Prophecies and Visions


Fearful Drama of

Two Great Apocalyptic Beasts



Chapter 13 of Revelation

The First Beast of Revelation 13

Act 1

Scene 1


The First Beast comes up out of the sea,

a terrible creature with seven heads,

ten horns and a blasphemous name.


Revelation 13:1-2


The First Beast of Revelation 13


Daniel sees four beasts rising out of the sea.

Identity of the seven heads of the first beast.

They are “seven mountains.”

They are “seven kings.”

Solid reasons for saying they are not the seven hills of Rome, seven Roman emperors or seven forms of Roman government, but seven earthly kingdoms.

One of the seven heads-mountains-kings was “mortally wounded.”

Rome was built on seven hills or mounds, and not on real mountains.

“Mountain” signifies “kingdom” in prophetical language.

The “ten horns” are “ten kings,” and these “ten kings” are ten earthly kingdoms.

So are the “seven kings… mountains… heads.”

They are not contemporary.

The four heads of the leopard-beast seen by Daniel are four kingdoms “different” one from the other and appear in sequence.

Six of the seven kings-mountains-heads identified.

Examples of blasphemous names taken by rulers of Egypt, Babylon and Rome.

The first beast is “like a leopard,” with feet like a bear and the mouth of a lion.

The “great, fiery red dragon” has seven heads and ten horns. He gives his power, throne and authority to the first beast.

Who authorized him to do it, and why?


Spanish version of The First Beast of Revelation 13.



Astonishing SIGN for modern times!


Do you perhaps not have any knowledge of it?


Five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come.

The “OTHER” is the SEVENTH.

 “The seven heads... are… seven kings.

Five of whom have fallen, one is,

the other has not yet come, and when he comes

he must remain only a little while.”

Revelation 17:9-10



A photograph of a central part of Moscow illustates the subject The sign of the Seventh King-Kingdom-Beast of Revelation, in


The SIGN of the SEVENTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST. Astonishing SIGN for modern times!

Do you perhaps not have any knowledge of it?

SEVEN KINGS-KINGDOMS-BEASTS. Five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come.

The “OTHER” is the SEVENTH. “The seven heads... are… seven kings. Five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a little while.” Revelation 17:9-10.

When does the Seventh King make his entry on the world stage?

When did the Roman Empire really end?

History perverted and the errors propagated by preachers, teachers and writers.

Edward Gibbons, Will Durant and others testify.

Relevant historical facts highlighted.

The myth of a “Byzantine Empire.”

The healing of the wound that seemed to be mortal and its significance for determining the end of the Roman Empire.

The nature of the Seventh King-Kingdom-Beast.

“…when he comes he must remain only a little while.”  

The identity of the Seventh King. How the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fills precisely the parameters of the prophecy-sign of the Seventh King.

A prophecy fulfilled 1,827 years after it was proclaimed!

Be on guard, citizens of the world, for the SIGN of the EIGHTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST! This one GOES to PERDITION! He is the last! He is also known prophetically as the “the LITTLE HORN.”




SPANISH VERSION of this study on the Seventh King




This photograph shows a large crowd of Jews today going into Jerusalem by the Damascus gate, illustration for the subject Jews Today: Missing Out?, in

Missing out?


JEWS TODAY Missing out?

Seeing present-day signs for which they themselves are responsible, but missing their meaning and significance.

Jerusalem freed from Gentile rule, June 5-10, 1967. A sign for Jews and Gentiles.

“Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” Jesus prophecy fulfilled. His credentials as Prophet validated. Jews today should see it.

Secular Jews today who have given up on God and a Messiah.

Jews who have not given up but are blinded by the offensive crucifix.

Roman Catholicism is not the religion of the prophet of Nazareth.

Testimony of Hans Küng, Roman Catholic historian.

Persecutions of Jews by Catholics.

Jews today honor-bound to search pass apostate Christianity for the true Jesus and his spiritual kingdom.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews have been convinced Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, including many, many rulers and priests.

God’s providential protection of the Jewish people. Their astonishing history of survival. Why? Reasons given.

The “fulness of the Gentiles” has come in. Another sign before our eyes. Gentiles turning away from God in vast numbers.

Neither Jews nor Gentiles should miss these signs. Time, now, to ACT! Or forever miss out on the blessings promised.


This subject in Spanish



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