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Churches of Christ in the United States

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This large clock partially covered by darkness, with the hands indicating 23 minutes before midnight, againist a background of dark space punctuated by stars and gases, illustrates Index T of subjects by Peace Publishers.

Index T



Much fear in the face of bad thoughts. What to do? The dilemma of a woman already baptized. Facing low flying, menacing storm clouds: A photograph from which important lessons are drawn for the control of bad thoughts. The purpose and function of the peace of God which passes all understanding: to keep the heart and mind. Eight beautiful, powerful words which cover the things we should think about. Fear cannot long stand before them. Severity to the body is not the solution. Strong willpower is a vital part of it. Why being baptized does not mean the end of all bad thoughts. Finding the ways of escape God provides for temptations and trials. Taking every thought captive to obey Christ is one of them.

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The LAST DAY of TIME. Going out into the FUTURE and looking back at planet Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. Composite image, followed by a text highlighting the benefits of transporting oneself, mentally and spiritually, to places and times of the past and the future. The author says: “I invite you to accompany me to an observation platform set up for us on the LAST DAY of TIME, with the purpose of identifying and analyzing Events and currents in the Earth of the 20th and 21st centuries.” The significance of the Seventh Angel near the platform, with his Seventh Trumpet. A fictitious scenario or future reality? Regarding prophetical projections: “Be careful, beloved friend, to not ridicule and reject prematurely, before obtaining the knowledge necessary for sound, wise judgements!” Of times and periods. How much time transpires between where we are in the 21st century and the very Last Day of Time? Can human beings lengthen or shorten it? The factors of mind set, attitudes and actions; rebellious incredulity or informed, positive convictions.







Bible studies in PowerPoint for youth and adults. Tracts in PDF and JPEG. Print your own or order.

Churches of Christ in the United States



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