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Churches of Christ in the United States

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Silhoueted against white clouds and blue skies, this great ship with sails furlled rest on a calm sea, a picture adorning Index S of Peace Publishers, with materials covering moral, spiritual, Bible and religious studies.

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Signs of times today

The SIGN of the SEVENTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST. Astonishing SIGN for modern times! Do you perhaps not have any knowledge of it? SEVEN KINGS-KINGDOMS-BEASTS. Five have fallen; one is, and the other has not yet come. The “OTHER” is the SEVENTH. “The seven heads... are… seven kings. Five of whom have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes he must remain only a little while.” Revelation 17:9-10. When does the Seventh King make his entry on the world stage? When did the Roman Empire really end? History perverted and the errors propagated by preachers, teachers and writers. Edward Gibbons, Will Durant and others testify. Relevant historical facts highlighted. The myth of a “Byzantine Empire.” The healing of the wound that seemed to be mortal and its significance for determining the end of the Roman Empire. The nature of the Seventh King-Kingdom-Beast. “…when he comes he must remain only a little while.”  The identity of the Seventh King. How the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fills precisely the parameters of the prophecy-sign of the Seventh King. A prophecy fulfilled 1,827 years after it was proclaimed! Be on guard, citizens of the world, for the SIGN of the EIGHTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST! This one GOES to PERDITION! He is the last! He is also known prophetically as the “the LITTLE HORN.”

The Sign of the SEVENTH KING-KINGDOM-BEAST. PDF Nine letter-size pages.


SPANISH VERSION of this study on the Seventh King

SIGNS taking place today in JEWS and GENTILES. ARTICLE. Are you aware of them? Are you a part of them? Do you not care? To IGNORE them is to risk future DANGERS! The potent sign in 1967 having to do with Jerusalem’s being trodden underfoot by the Gentiles until their times should come to an end. The liberation of Jerusalem from Gentile rule in 1967 is among the most important signs of all times. The event was publicly foretold by a Jew 1,934 years before its astonishing unfolding. God’s undying love for the Jews and how he has protected them from complete extermination foretold by a Jew of the first century. The fantastic vision given to another Jew about a multitude of Jews being rescued and glorified during the days previous to the end of the world and time. Gentiles. A mixture of sensual signs, libertine and rebellious, seen in masses of present-day Gentiles. Concisely identified. The omnipresent Sign of Mammon, mostly invisible to the very religious people who are responsible for its existence, though it is seen even by the worldly. Present, like a bird of evil omen, wherever the very false Prosperity Gospel is preached, tithes are collected, religious objects are sold, etc. The robust Sign of the False Prophet.

SIGNS Taking Place Today in Jews and Gentiles. PDF


SIGNS Taking Place Today in Jews and Gentiles. JPEG


This subject in SPANISH. ARTICLE. PDF and JPEG formats also available in Spanish.




Beyond Your SufferingARTICLE. God did not heal the apostle Paul, nor the evangelist Timothy, of their perennial physical illnesses. No present-day Christian is superior to those illustrious workers in the Kingdom of God. Nevertheless, great multitudes of believers today are convinced they have the undeniable right to be miraculously healed. Their intense preoccupation with physical healing is a symptom of emotional-spiritual ills dangerous to the soul and spirit. This concise article highlights factors of much, much greater importance.

Beyond Your Suffering… PDF of this subject in tract format. Three folds; six pages, on letter size paper.

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Bible studies in PowerPoint for youth and adults. Tracts in PDF and JPEG. Print your own or order.

Churches of Christ in the United States



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