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Churches of Christ in the United States  Much material on many, many Bible subjects. Special emphasis on the defense of the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.

Studies in the Bible and related subjects. Articles, tracts and Bible class guides. Slides for PowerPoint. PDF's. On this site.

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Darkness. Keeping the darkness at bay. Ten slides, each with multiples graphics and texts.

Children of Light, Let Us Keep the Darkness at Bay! Analysis of Ephesians 5:1-14. Ten slides prepared in PowerPoint. Standard size slides (4:3). For a sermon, conference or classes. God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the divine Word are all light. Born of them, true Christians are children of light. Made up of them, the church true to the Lord is also to be light in the darkness of incredulity and immorality in the world. The church represented as a fantastic Spiritual Space Ship of Light. Its occupants to take care their Ship does not slip from its orbit in celestial places, falling into darkness. Shameful things of darkness not even to be mentioned among the children of light. These things identified as fornication, uncleanness, filthiness, covetousness, course jesting and foolish talking. These things defined. Shameful to speak of them, but multitudes do, even with shameless pride. Because of such things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Preachers, teachers and all Christians to surround themselves with the Protective Crystal Sphere of an Incorruptible Faith as they move among the children of disobedience with the purpose of lighting up minds and souls filled with darkness. Messages from the Owners of the Spiritual Space Ship for those in darkness. Transported from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of light. All these teachings illustrated with impressive graphics.

Darwinian evolution

Our culture is experiencing a hostile takeover. We must stop rejecting God if we ever want it to end. Article by Sam Sorbo that analyzes succinctly today’s all-out war by peoples who hate God and Christianity to overthrow the Judeo-Christian ethic, eliminate God and suppress all religion, substituting for them Darwinian evolution, the You Only Live Once dictum, integral intolerance against conservatives, the elevation of feelings above truth; position, power and auto gratification above the correct, decent, right, etc. Reasons and concerns that motivated Kevin and Sam Sorbo to produce the film Let there be LIGHT for those who are in darkness.


The LAST DAY of TIME. Going out into the FUTURE and looking back at planet Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. Composite image, followed by a text highlighting the benefits of transporting oneself, mentally and spiritually, to places and times of the past and the future. The author says: “I invite you to accompany me to an observation platform set up for us on the LAST DAY of TIME, with the purpose of identifying and analyzing Events and currents in the Earth of the 20th and 21st centuries.” The significance of the Seventh Angel near the platform, with his Seventh Trumpet. A fictitious scenario or future reality? Regarding prophetical projections: “Be careful, beloved friend, to not ridicule and reject prematurely, before obtaining the knowledge necessary for sound, wise judgements!” Of times and periods. How much time transpires between where we are in the 21st century and the very Last Day of Time? Can human beings lengthen or shorten it? The factors of mind set, attitudes and actions; rebellious incredulity or informed, positive convictions.

Day of Judgment

Benefits of Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes and Similar Phenomena of Nature. Benefits? What “benefits?” Rather, terrible losses! Nevertheless, one or another benefit. They educate regarding where not to build dwelling places, urbanizations, businesses, factories, etc. About materials and techniques to be used to avoid so much loss of material resources and lives. Lessons for the poor of the world. Warnings and lessons for impresarios greedy for excessive gain. “Nature” and “Common Sense” are very effective, sensible teachers. Prudent men and women build on a rock-solid foundation; the foolish, on sand or earth, without a foundation. Benefits and punishments without respect of persons. Hurricane Harvey: Punishment on Texas and Houston for the elections of 2016? Or on Houston for having an aggressive lesbian mayor for years? Punishments and lessons for the good and the bad. After the blows of destructive natural phenomena… many blessings! Many lessons! After times of wrong-living… sickness… death… possibilities for great blessings! Fleeing from hurricanes. Fleeing from temptations. Cursing destructive natural phenomena or learning from them? They lead to a fork in the road of life, with three options requiring a supremely important decision. Different faces of nature’s destructive monsters. Prepare in time and for the worst! A new World free of destructive forces!

Death. Of Lazarus and the rich man. An instant after death, what, where and whom?

Alarming, Vivid and Unforgettable Impressions Registered by the Mind. ARTICLE. What has been, for you, the most impressive, traumatic or unforgettable impression of your life to the present time? Negative or positive. Some examples given. Snapshots the mind takes of events or circumstances that make an indelible impression and its power to remember almost every detail, remembering them with astonishing accuracy even after decades. A tremendous impression still awaiting you: Leaving the material-carnal Dimension and going through the Door of Time to the fully spiritual Dimension! Who are seen first? Angels! The testimony of Jesus Christ in His story of the rich man and Lazarus. Concise analysis and applications. Smiles and congratulations on the way to Paradise! But, not for the rich man. Five images illustrate this subject.

Alarming, Vivid and Indelible Impressions Registered by the Human Mind. PDF of this subject in tract format. Three folds; six pages, on letter size paper.

This subject available in SPANISH as an Article, in PDF and in JPEG images

Death, premature of infants, adolescents, youth

INNOCENT people died in Las Vegas! How horrible!” Context of their “innocence.” Personal innocence in the moral-spiritual context. The danger of calling innocent that which is not, or the person who is not. Are these innocent? Your evaluation of eleven examples. Human beings are very quick to publish their judgment of “innocent” or “guilty.” God is the only one with the innate right to establish criteria for innocence and make definitive judgments. The only truly innocent One. The status of babies, infants, preadolescent children, and adolescents. The status of good and just people who do not know God and his gospel. The status of those who, not knowing the true God and his law, do by nature what the law commands. The significance and application of The Lord knows those who are his. The case of the good who die prematurely. Their status after death. Reactions of family, friends, etc., who remain on the earth determined by their faith, or lack of it. Purpose of resurrections from the dead by Christ and his apostles. Is that you in the midst of that multitude? Does God recognize you there as one of his? Are you spiritually prepared to die there at any moment? Confident you soul-spirit would go to God’s Paradise?

Doomsday omens

Catastrophism -End of the World, Rapture, Wrath of God, Final Judgment. Four examples published by National Geographiconline, on the occasion of Harold Camping's prediction about May 21, 2011. Subtle Insinuations that all Christians are more or less like Camping and his followers. The huge injustice of lumping all Christians into one category and judging them by the most scatter brained, infantile and hypocritical. "Our commentary" follows each of the examples. "Hale-Boppalypse" -Tragedy in Los Angeles associated with the appearance of the Hale-Bogg comet in 1997. "Man-made Black Hole" -Some scientists feared The Large Hadron Collider might produce one that would consume the Earth.  "1666: Judgment by Fire" -The Great London Fire. The number 666 and the wrath of God. "Planetary Alignments: Doomsday Omens" -The conjunction of various planets, the sun and the moon in the year 2000. Predictions of disastrous effects on the Earth.  May 31, 2011. The original version of this study was in Spanish.

Spanish: Catastrofismo -Fin del mundo, Rapto, Ira de Dios, Juicio Final.

Dragon. Great, fiery dragon.

The First Beast of Revelation 13. He has seven heads, ten horns and a blasphemous name. Act 1, Scene 1, of the Fearful Drama of Two Great Apocalyptic Beasts. The first beast comes up out of the sea. Meaning of “sea.” Daniel sees four beasts rising out of the sea. Identity of the seven heads of the first beast. They are “seven mountains.” They are “seven kings.” Solid reasons for saying they are not the seven hills of Rome, seven Roman emperors or seven forms of Roman government, but seven earthly kingdoms. One of the seven heads-mountains-kings was “mortally wounded.” Rome was built on seven hills or mounds, and not on real mountains. “Mountain” signifies “kingdom” in prophetical language. The “ten horns” are “ten kings,” and these “ten kings” are ten earthly kingdoms. So are the “seven kings… mountains… heads.” They are not contemporary. The four heads of the leopard-beast seen by Daniel are four kingdoms “different” one from the other and appear in sequence. Six of the seven kings-mountains-heads identified. Examples of blasphemous names taken by rulers of Egypt, Babylon and Rome. The first beast is “like a leopard,” with feet like a bear and the mouth of a lion. The “great, fiery red dragon” has seven heads and ten horns. He gives his power, throne and authority to the first beast. Who authorized him to do it, and why?



Alphabetical Index of Subjects

Studies in the Bible and related subjects. Articles, tracts and Bible class guides. Slides for PowerPoint. PDF's. On this site.

World directory of churches of Christ

Churches of Christ in the United States  Much material on many, many Bible subjects. Special emphasis on the defense of the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible.




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